He Wang

  • La cuisine chinoise est reconnue comme étant l'une des plus riches et variée au monde, et c'est à cet art culinaire que veut nous initier Wang He. À l'aide de ses douces aquarelles, elle nous invite à un voyage aussi bien gustatif que culturel, car les douze recettes du Dongbei qui composent cet ouvrage sont autant d'occasions pour l'autrice de nous conter les légendes qui entourent ces plats. Une découverte et un régal.

  • Mon étoile secrète

    He Wang

    Xiaoxu quitte son bourg natal pour aller s'installer à Wuhan. Perdue dans cette grande ville et son agitation, elle se sent moins belle, moins douée, moins légitime que ses camarades de classe.
    Sa rencontre avec Yanhuan, la plus belle fille de l'école, et Lin'an, le brillant étudiant, va lui permettre de s'épanouir dans ce nouvel environnement, mais va également la confronter aux émois de l'adolescence.

  • This book introduces a number of HIV/AIDS cases with mucocutaneous lesions. HIV/AIDS can manifest a variety of skin lesions due to immunological disorder, opportunistic infections and tumors always occur primarily with skin lesions. The cases included in this book reflect the diseases spectrum and evolution of mucocutaneous lesions at different stages before and after AIDS antiretroviral therapy (ART) as well.

    This book consists of nine chapters, including fungal, viral, bacterial, parasitic, neoplastic, inflammatory diseases, syphilis and ART-induced diseases, etc. More than 300 cases and 600 photos of representative and important clinical significances are selected, showing the different clinical characteristics of the same disease under different immune status. Clinical photos are combined with clear and concise medical history along with the discussion on it, by which the readers can understand why skin lesions can be used as the early diagnostic clues to HIV/AIDS infection. Moreover, every chapter summarizes the similarity and characteristics of each type of skin diseases, which outlines and explains why they are AIDS-related mucocutaneous lesions.

  • This book investigates critical urban issues related to socio-spatial segregation, housing, daily travel, mobility of the elderly, etc. from the perspective of wellbeing.  This is a collection of the latest research works by frontline researchers working in the fields of geography, urban studies, transport, and sociology. Drawing on theoretical and empirical explorations, collected chapters in this book connect mobility and wellbeing, bridge geography and health, and analyze the implications of mobility disadvantages on urban marginal groups' wellbeing. Research findings presented in the book are also highly relevant for practitioners and policy makers in the pursuit of improving urban livability since wellbeing, or quality of life, is increasingly considered as an important criteria alternative to income growth to evaluate economic, social and urban development.  

  • ?Stochastic Control and Filtering over Constrained Communication Networks presents up-to-date research developments and novel methodologies on stochastic control and filtering for networked systems under constrained communication networks. It provides a framework of optimal controller/filter design, resilient filter design, stability and performance analysis for the systems considered, subject to various kinds of communication constraints, including signal-to-noise constraints, bandwidth constraints, and packet drops. Several techniques are employed to develop the controllers and filters desired, including:
    recursive Riccati equations;
    matrix decomposition;
    optimal estimation theory; and
    mathematical optimization methods.
    Readers will benefit from the book's new concepts, models and methodologies that have practical significance in control engineering and signal processing. Stochastic Control and Filtering over Constrained Communication Networks is a practical research reference for engineers dealing with networked control and filtering problems. It is also of interest to academics and students working in control and communication networks.

  • This book is the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Quantitative Logic and Soft Computing (QLSC2016) held 14-17, October, 2016 in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Hangzhou, China. It includes 61 papers, of which 5 are plenary talks( 3 abstracts and 2 full length talks). QLSC2016 was the fourth in a series of conferences on Quantitative Logic and Soft Computing. This conference was a major symposium for scientists, engineers and practitioners to present their updated results, ideas, developments and applications in all areas of quantitative logic and soft computing. The book aims to strengthen relations between industry research laboratories and universities in fields such as quantitative logic and soft computing worldwide as follows:

    (1) Quantitative Logic and Uncertainty Logic;

    /> (2) Automata and Quantification of Software;

    (3) Fuzzy Connectives and Fuzzy Reasoning;

    (4) Fuzzy Logical Algebras;

    (5) Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing;

    (6) Fuzzy Sets Theory and Applications.

  • This book discusses efforts to control the low-frequency vibration transmission of typical power equipment and pipeline systems of ships, exploring the use of active and passive hybrid vibration isolation and adjustable dynamic vibration absorption technologies. It also proposes an adaptive feed-forward control strategy and studies a distributed feed-forward control hardware system. In addition, the book presents a three-way dynamic vibration absorption theory used to design a pipeline-system adjustable dynamic vibration absorber, which offers a number of advantages, such as compact structure, easy assembly and disassembly, low power consumption, excellent vibration control effect and wide frequency band adjustable ability, etc. This book is a valuable resource for researchers and engineers in the fields of noise and vibration control, active control systems, active vibration isolation and adaptive dynamic vibration absorption.

  • ?This brief presents characterizations of identification errors under a probabilistic framework when output sensors are binary, quantized, or regular.  By considering both space complexity in terms of signal quantization and time complexity with respect to data window sizes, this study provides a new perspective to understand the fundamental relationship between probabilistic errors and resources, which may represent data sizes in computer usage, computational complexity in algorithms, sample sizes in statistical analysis and channel bandwidths in communications.

  • This book provides a comprehensive, practical, and state-of-the art review addressing the major issues and challenges in cytopathology practice using a question and answer format. Making an accurate diagnosis, especially on a limited cytology sample obtained by minimally invasive procedures, is often challenging, yet crucial to patient care. Using the most current and evidence-based approaches, this book: 1) focuses on frequently asked questions in day-to-day practice of cytopathology as well as surgical pathology; 2) provides quick, accurate, and useful answers; 3) emphasizes the importance of clinical, radiological, and cytological correlation, as well as cyto-histological correlation; and 4) delineates how to judiciously use immunohistochemistry, molecular tests, flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and other established ancillary studies including next generation sequencing and computer-assisted diagnostics. Chapters are written by experts in their fields and provide the most up-to-date information in the field of cytopathology. Practical Cytopathology: Frequently Asked Questions serves as a practical resource and guide to relevant references for trainees, cytotechnologists, and cytopathologists at various skill levels.

  • This book collects the work of leading Chinese economists, sociologists, and political scientists as China enters a pivotal phase of development, as well as a new five-year plan. Scholars from China's leading institutions and think-tanks explore global economic trade patterns, regional imbalances, environmental pollution, rural-urban disputes, and much more. This book will be of interest to scholars, economists, and think-tank researchers. 

  • This book investigates geopolymers and geopolymer-based composites, with a focus on their preparation, geopolymerization mechanisms, microstructures, mechanical properties, and fracture behaviors. Geopolymers are inorganic materials consisting of tetrahedral units (such as [SiO4] and [AlO4]) linked by shared oxygens and forming long-range, covalently bonded and amorphous frameworks. Geopolymers have the advantages of low-temperature preparation, low cost, high heat and corrosion resistance, and being environmentally friendly. Using the preparation methods for epoxy-based composite, they can easily be formed into complex shapes or structures. Intended for researchers investigating geopolymers and their matrix composite materials, this book is also a valuable resource for engineers from various fields, such as materials, mechanical, civil and structural engineering, as well as students interested in other kinds of inorganic materials or even cementitious materials in general.

  • This book discusses poverty reduction and inclusive development in China. The relevant research reports included here combine unique perspectives and thorough analysis, and include both comparative and empirical analyses. Although China is the first country to have achieved the UN's Millennium Development Goals, it still faces enormous problems and challenges in terms of narrowing the income gap, reducing poverty and attaining sustainable development. This book not only provides valuable theoretical material to help readers understand inclusive development and poverty reduction in today's China, but also offers relevant government authorities a solid theoretical and practical basis for informed decision-making.

  • This book offers an essential overview of computational conformal geometry applied to fundamental problems in specific engineering fields. It introduces readers to conformal geometry theory and discusses implementation issues from an engineering perspective.The respective chapters explore fundamental problems in specific fields of application, and detail how computational conformal geometric methods can be used to solve them in a theoretically elegant and computationally efficient way. The fields covered include computer graphics, computer vision, geometric modeling, medical imaging, and wireless sensor networks. Each chapter concludes with a summary of the material covered and suggestions for further reading, and numerous illustrations and computational algorithms complement the text.The book draws on courses given by the authors at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and Tsinghua University, and will be of interest to senior undergraduates, graduates and researchers in computer science, applied mathematics, and engineering.

  • This book focuses on the qualitative theory in structural mechanics, an area that remains underdeveloped. The qualitative theory mainly deals with the static deformation and vibrational modes of linear elastic structures, and cover subjects such as qualitative properties and the existence of solutions.Qualitative properties belong to one type of structure, are at the system level and of clear regularity, and often result from analytical derivation and logical reasoning. As for the existence of solutions, it addresses a fundamental issue in structural mechanics, and has far-reaching implications for engineering applications.A better understanding of qualitative properties can assist in both numerical computation and experimental studies. It also promotes the development of better dynamic designs for structures. At the same time, a sound grasp of the existence of solutions and related subjects can aid in quantitative analysis, and help researchers establish the theoretical background essential to their work.  This book is among the few that is dedicated exclusively to the qualitative theory in structural mechanics and systematically introduces the important and challenging area to a wide audience, including graduate students in engineering.